Recognition for our 2013 Chardonnay


People often tell us that the Okapi Chardonnay surprises them by being more like a traditional Montrachet than a typical Napa Chardonnay. The winemaker’s light touch means the glass is full of juicy fruit, without packing the wallop of butter and oak many have come to expect from Chardonnays originating around here. Encouraged by your enthusiasm for the wine, for the first time we have sought reviews and ratings on the Okapi Chardonnay (2013), and have been pleased and honored to be awarded a 92 from Wine Enthusiast and 93 from The Tasting Panel. Compare the 2012 and 2013 side-by-side and let us know what you think. We’ll eagerly slurp up a butter bomb occasionally, too, but more often we want a Chardonnay that works well with food and leaves you wanting a second glass. Cheers!